Get an exclusive volume boost for your hair with Angel Dust ATTITUDE. Our innovative powder with practical pump function gives you a long-lasting effect that revives even the finest hair. Experience a new dimension of fullness and life in your hair today. Angel Dust ATTITUDE is composed of carefully selected ingredients that provide the maximum effect for an exclusive and lasting volume boost for your hair.

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ANGEL DUST ATTITUDE, is a product that has been in development for over 2 years. Never before have we invested so much energy and soul into one of our products, and never before have you seen something as innovative, clever, and groundbreaking. With a patented pumping system, you'll experience dust in a whole new way, allowing you to effortlessly pump the product into your hair with just one hand. The versatility of this product enables you to achieve the exact style or hairstyle you desire.

Benefits you'll love

  • Easy to use with a convenient pump for direct application
  • Powerful ingredients provide long-lasting volume and fullness to your hair
  • Approved for 'Green Salon' and listed on the 'Positive List'
  • Smart QR code on the packaging demonstrates application and effectiveness
  • 100% vegan and Cruelty-Free

Experience the future of hairstyling with ANGEL DUST ATTITUDE – a product that redefines the norm and empowers you to create your desired look.

Silica  Silylate,  Hydrated  Silica,  Mica C.I.77019 (and) Titanium Dioxide