This professional and innovative hair dryer is the ultimate tool for styling hair. With its 350 grams, Tyføn is ultra light and compact but extremely powerful. Despite the weight, it dries the hair in 3 minutes, as the motor is a powerful BLDC - carbon-free motor with a whopping 110,000 rpm.

The design is ergonomic and with the light weight, muscle damage in the arms is reduced during intensive and professional use. There is a built-in intelligent temperature system and ION Anti-static technology which gives soft and shiny hair during use. Tyføn has a digital LCD display that shows the specific settings.

It has 3 speeds, 5 temperature settings - which go from 40gr. to 120gr., as well as cold air.

With Tyføn Hair dryer, you get a hair dryer that is out of the ordinary, that fits incredibly well in your hand and gives you an unparalleled styling experience that almost "blows" you back!

Tyføn comes in a nice package and includes 1 diffuser, 1 nozzle/beak

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